What is the best electric fillet knife

When filleting fish, a regular fillet knife used to be the only tool for the job. Flexible, thin, and lightly curved, manual fillet knives are still used when the utmost precision is needed for a delicate filleting job. Nowadays though, manual fillet knives are being overtaken by a plethora of electric fillet knives that can do the filleting much faster.

An electric fillet knife uses a similar blade as a manual fillet knife. The blade is mounted onto a motorized handle that turns the blade into a small saw. Because it is powered by electricity, an electric fillet knife is easier to use for people that tire easily and means that more fish can be filleted than when using a manual knife. This is why they are often used in professional settings when speed is the key. Many home filleters also use them because of how easy they are to use. Electric fillet knives sometimes also use different blade attachments so you can choose the right one for specific types of fish to make filleting even easier. The different blades can also be used to cut other types of food like meat or vegetables. An electric fillet knife is a very versatile tool that will be useful in any kitchen.

There are many kinds of electric fillet knives, corded or cordless. A good electric fillet knife should be sturdy, with an ergonomic handle, possess some kind of a built-in safety feature to prevent injury, and have a long-running time if cordless.

Best electric fillet knives

Which one is the best electric knife available? There are many of them on the market today but here are two of our top picks:

Bubba Electric Fillet Knife (Cordless & 110V)

This knife from Bubba comes in two models. One needs to be plugged into a 110V socket to work and the other one is cordless. The cordless one is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery (two are included in the package) that are charged by using a power-charging cord. They are long-lasting enough to go through over a hundred small fish before having to be charged again. There are four different length blade attachments that can fillet fish of any size. It comes with a handy case that stores everything in a safe way.

Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Filleting Knife

This is a perfect electric knife for any amateur or professional angler. It is very lightweight, only around 1.5 pounds. It’s not cordless but the power cord it uses is very long to give you plenty of room to move around and be used even when far away from the power source. It does not have any additional attachments but the stainless blade it uses is extra-sharp and, in the opinion of many, good enough to cut through any fish. The blade is detachable for easy cleaning and storage.

There are plenty of other good knives for filleting but the best electric fillet knife is the one that suits your personal needs. If you are an avid filleter and regularly use manual knives, try an electric one next time to see how easy it is.

Electric Folding Bikes – Things You Should Know

Electric bikes have maintained and further cemented their market leadership as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. Innovative technology for the production of lithium-ion batteries has made it possible to make electric bicycles that are less weight, with lower running and maintenance costs, and very similar to traditional bicycles.

Electric bikes consist of a modified or customized pedal frame and an electric motor with a battery to support the ride. This allows you to start the bike by pedaling or to harness the power of the battery and motor.

When you choose to operate a motorcycle then there is no need to use the pedals, the bike goes alone like a scooter. On the other hand, you can also ride a bicycle, but it is much easier to ride than a conventional bicycle since in this case the ride is partially aided by the engine.

Electric folding bikes

Due to their ease of portability, this category is one of the most popular when it comes to e-bikes. In most cases, the folding point is located in the middle of the bike and on the steering wheel. With folding capabilities, they have a size no larger than a suitcase. If you need to pack your electric bike into a trunk or plan to transport it by bus, then a folding electric bike is the right solution for you.

Also, the electric folding bicycle is ideal for those who like to carry a bicycle on trips and do not have the space to transport a classic bicycle. Folding bikes fold down in just a few seconds to the size of a children’s bike, and vice versa. Folded and ready to go folding bikes have the same firmness as classic bikes.

The biggest advantage of any folding bike is its size and compactness. Thanks to the smaller wheels, it is much easier to accelerate on a folding e-bike. Smaller wheels provide less resistance and are much easier to get off the ground, and when you reach the desired speed it is easy to maintain. Adding electric motor assistance will make you feel like you’re flying.

It only takes about ten seconds to assemble and disassemble, and all you need to do to drive with the assistance of an electric motor is activated the e-bike and adjust the assist level.

Joints and flaps are known to be weak points, but manufacturers have taken this issue into account and reinforced the flaps by adding additional fuses and reinforcements.

Folding electric bikes have a larger front-drive gear than other bikes to compensate for smaller wheels.

Folding e-bikes are more cost-effective than full-size e-bikes. With one e-bike you can travel about 50000 km at no extra cost (the battery changes after about 800 charges).

Avoiding traffic jams is an advantage that all (small) electric vehicles have. With an electric bicycle, you can “sweep” through the hustle and bustle of your work without stress and sweat, without having to spend time finding parking.

Based on all the above, a folding electric bike will forever change your outlook on cycling. Travel will take on a new dimension and more remote places will be easily accessible.

If this article convinced you that a folding e-bike is a good choice, we highly recommend checking out these reviews, from bikeobserver.com.

Keeping your wardrobe together: 4 things you need to take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes might not seem like a thing that is high on many people’s priority lists. There are more important things to consider in your daily life, like paying your bills, performing well in school or at your job, and just enjoying life in general. Nevertheless, your clothes are belongings that you use daily, and just like you worry about doing maintenance to your car, they deserve some attention as well to avoid excessive wear and tear. Failing to pay attention to your clothes may be detrimental to your own finances because you will end up spending more money more frequently on clothes that could easily last longer if you use any of the following 4 things. Let’s take a look.

Garment bags

The thing about garment bags is that, for most people, they may seem like a thing used exclusively by busy executives who only own expensive suits and go to the cleaners to have their laundry professionally done. This is not the case and you need to get that notion off your mind. Garment bags are great for anyone who owns not only casual dress shirts and dresses of all kinds, but also things like delicate blouses, blazers, and even common clothes like flannel shirts. Keeping any of these in a garment bag will ensure they last longer and look their best when you wear them.

Ironing board

Many people own an iron but never use it due to not having an ironing board. Yes, it takes up space when it isn’t folded, but it is necessary to have one so you can iron your clothes properly. Things like casual and formal shirts, pants, and blouses are made out of delicate fabric that forms wrinkles way too easily. Give ironing an opportunity with the best ironing board you can find and you will notice the difference in both how your clothes feel and obviously in how they look.


Nowadays, it’s not surprising to find people who literally live betweeen two piles of clothes: clean clothes and dirty clothes. Most of these people have closets, but don’t bother to use the storage space in there simply because they don’t own hangers. Well, hangers are a pretty common item that you can get in plastic, metal, or even wood like the ones they keep in stores at pretty much any big convenience store. Not only do they keep your clothes straightened out while hanging on your closet, they also help you keep everything more organized and sorted out.


So once you have transcended from keeping your clothes on the floor of your room, your bed, or your chair to actually using your closet and hanging your clothes in it, you may encounter some unexpected issues like humidity and moths. Mothballs, which take their name precisely from their intended function, are small balls of naphthalene or some other chemical components that absorb moisture while also repeling moths and their larvae. Keeping a small mesh bag of these balls in your closet is enough to keep humidity and insects that can ruin your clothes over time at bay.

Is a quiet generator a good whole house generator?

Wanting to keep your house and your family safe in the event of a blackout is a reasonable thing to want. A whole house generator is perhaps the best option you can choose to keep all your electronics and appliances running and your house illuminated, but as you may already know, generators are known for being significantly loud solutions to this problem. Although noise levels might be low in the list of your concerns during a power outage, there is no reason not to want something quieter if the option exists, and luckily it does. However, there are a couple of things to consider before making a choice, and below we go into some more detail about those things.

Quiet generators are usually portable

The first thing you should know about generators overall is that size is usually directly proportional to noise. Bigger generators will make more noise than smaller ones, so you have a higher chance of finding a quiet generator for your needs in a portable form factor. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t really get a traditional standby generator for your home that also makes little noise. If what you are looking for is a backup power source for your entire home, you won’t find a quiet generator in your search for the best whole house generator.

Quiet generators mostly use inverter technology

If you look for a list of best quiet generators, it is likely that most of the models on that list are inverter generators. These types of generators use inverter technology, which puts out cleaner energy than regular generators but undergoes a power output process more complex as well. As you can already imagine, cleaner energy and more silence come with a price tag, meaning that these inverter generators tend to be more expensive than regular portable generators.

On the flipside, if you do decide to purchase one of these portable generators, you would be getting the best of both worlds: more energy efficiency in terms of both power output and fuel consumption, and a quiet machine that is capable of performing its functions without making more noise than an air conditioning unit 100 feet away from you.

Quiet generators aren’t made for big energy tasks

Limited by its inherent size and fuel tank capacity, a quiet generator is not really suited for big tasks like powering your entire house and appliances all at the same time. Remember they are portable, and that traditional standby generators are quite large and therefore much more capable. You can find portable generators that have about half the power output of a big generator, but they won’t be quiet whatsoever.

What this means is that, essentially, you need to make sure your portable inverter generator is only powering a few electronics at a time. Perhaps it can stand an entire RV with appliances and everything in a best case scenario, but nothing quite as large as a regular home with all its light fixtures and electronics. If you get an inverter generator, the energy you get will also be safer to use than that of a regular generator.

All you need to know if you want to be a cat owner

Welcoming a new pet into your family can be a moment you will treasure forever. The joy that comes from sharing your home with an animal is something that can be compared with very few other experiences in life. Of course, depending on what type of pet you choose, you need to keep in mind that they will have certain needs you must meet in order to keep them happy and healthy. Cats are one of the most popular pets in households all over the world, and they can also be one of the most challenging for first-time pet owners. Here we tell you all you need to know before getting a new kitten.

Proof your house to avoid any incidents

Kittens are particularly tempted to explore and play with everything and everyone. Your house is like a huge new playground for them, so you need to make sure it is safe for them to roam around. If you are bringing home a small cat, go over all the electrical fixtures and wall plugs that are near floor level and make sure they are proofed to avoid incidents with your cat. Same goes with other things around your house that can be easily pulled, pushed, scractched, ripped apart and so on.

Make sure your cat has its own space

Cats are very independent animals, but just like every other animal, they enjoy having a place to call their own. You need to get them a bed or resting place that suits them, but get used to them just sleeping or laying wherever they want. It’s a normal thing to expect from a cat, but with other things you should definitely put your foot down. Bathroom training is one of those things, which is why a litter box is essential to keep right next to their kitty bed. If you don’t know or have never purchased one, check these cat litter boxes available here.

Mind what you feed your new cat

People tend to think that animals can eat whatever we humans eat. Those people are wrong and you should know that right off the bat if you plan on having a cat at home, even more so if you are adopting a kitten. Cat diets should be failry strict, and kittens should be given formula for the first six months after they are born. Consult with your vet what the best food for your kitten would be, and change their kibble accordingly depending on their reaction and how well they process it. You may treat them with meat every once in a while, but it should be reserved for special occasions.

Get used to their personality

At the end of the day, cats will be cats. You need to be prepared for the fact that, at first, they will be playful and very active. As they grow, they will also grow lazier during the day and more active at night. They will get lost on occasion, but they will also return before you can get too worried most of the time. They will definitely love you as much as you do, but don’t be mad at them if they don’t show it like dogs. After all, they’re cats!

Should You Buy a Window Air Conditioner Unit?

The answer depends on you if you should buy a window air conditioner unit which fits on your window but decision depends on several influences brought about by endless questions, too. Below are questions which will help you in answering our main question, it won’t necessarily pursue you to choose on buying an air conditioner but it will make you realize things about how important the air around us.

What is an air conditioner unit?

Many people know this unit as “air-con” but basically, it is as simple as air being conditioned by a unit composed of an engine which will help in achieving the right level of coolness anywhere. It has different sizes from portable units to larger ones and it may vary but usually it is white in color.

A more detailed guide: here

What is its difference from an electric fan?

Electric fans use the movement process to make air move creating coolness but for air conditioner, it creates air that will cool the place at can be just regulates it depending on the level you prefer.

Which conserves more when it comes to electric current?

For a fact, both uses electricity as a means for it to work but air conditioner is advantageous due to its ability to schedule what time will it be turned off without you being disturbed with your sleep giving you more time to sleep.

Will air conditioner be within you budget?

Air conditioner is a good investment for your home because it will give you the ability to use it for a long time. An amount of one air conditioner may be equal to an amount of 2 electric fans which means that electric fans easily gives in especially in summer making you buy for another fan.

Is air conditioner seasonal?

Many people thought so that these units are just needed during the warm weather but it is also usable in cold weather because its cooling system is built to have the humidity be regulated into lower level helping in winter breaks.

Does location matters with air conditioner units?

Several building, offices and huge companies are using air conditioner units and what’s best about these units even the ones for the windows, they are portable making them good in any location and you can position it in any type of window style of design.

Just make sure you choose the quietest window air conditioner for your home, so that the sound it makes will not bother you too much.

Is it safe for anyone?

Hospitals are allotting funds for their air conditioning system which will help in air circulation for the patients. It doesn’t easily get dirty not like electric fans making it harmless to everyone and knowing how to use it properly will help in supplemental cooling for patients or people who just wants a moderate level of air touching their skin.

Do I need someone to install it?

You may have the choice to hire someone to install it but you have the DIY process for you, too included on the packaging of most units. It will be more efficient and less cost for you to have it installed on your own and you can choose the exact location.

Whatever you choose in making your surroundings cool enough for your skin, body or anyone else in the house, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you have decided well in what is really needed and can suffice whatever your standards are and you may now answer the title.

High Blood Pressure

Many people deal with a medical problem known as high blood pressure. Once you have it, even with treatment, it will never completely go away.

That is why it is important to know the causes of it and how to treat it.

Race, age and gender do not matter with this health problem because the truth is that anyone can develop this problem. Did you know it’s been estimated that one out of four adults in America have high blood pressure?

That is a lot of people that need to learn to deal with this problem. To help, here are the causes of blood pressure that is too high.

The causes for this problem vary, but some of the different causes are a narrowing of the arteries, your heart beating at a faster rate than it should, and a higher blood volume than is normal. All of these conditions cause the blood pressure to increase by pushing against the artery walls.

Another cause is excess weight, which unfortunately, a lot of people have a problem with. It is three times more likely for an overweight person to develop this health condition.

By losing even a little weight such as, five or ten pounds can help to reduce your blood pressure to a more normal range. It is recommended that everyone try to get as close as they can to their ideal body weight because this is the best way to reduce blood pressure that is too high.

Now that you know the causes of this health problem, it is important also to know how to treat it. Here are the best ways for anyone to use to reduce their blood pressure without a lot of problems.

1. Walking can help anyone reduce their blood pressure. Start small and walk about a quarter of a mile until this is comfortable and then make your walks longer. Take a daily walk for two weeks and you will be amazed at how much this simple exercise can help to reduce your blood pressure.

2. Take prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor for this help from. Along with taking medicine, eat healthier and get plenty of rest because this will also have a big effect on blood pressure.

3. There are many nutritional products available these days that you can take to help lower your blood pressure. Do some research and speak to your doctor about nutritional products that could help. These are the causes and treatments that everyone needs to know about for high blood pressure. This health concern can be treated so you keep your blood pressure in the normal range. However, it is a life long disease you will deal with every day.

Medications for high blood pressure vary from person to person. A diabetic with high blood pressure needs to closely coordinate with his doctors to choose the best medications and consider interactions of the medicines and side-effects. Generally high blood medication includes ACE inhibitors and ARB’s to help blood vessel relax and protect the kidneys in the process, beta blockers that makes the heart beat slower and with less force, calcium and channel blockers that keep the calcium from the heart and diuretics that eliminate extra sodium and water via the urine.