Is a quiet generator a good whole house generator?

Wanting to keep your house and your family safe in the event of a blackout is a reasonable thing to want. A whole house generator is perhaps the best option you can choose to keep all your electronics and appliances running and your house illuminated, but as you may already know, generators are known for being significantly loud solutions to this problem. Although noise levels might be low in the list of your concerns during a power outage, there is no reason not to want something quieter if the option exists, and luckily it does. However, there are a couple of things to consider before making a choice, and below we go into some more detail about those things.

Quiet generators are usually portable

The first thing you should know about generators overall is that size is usually directly proportional to noise. Bigger generators will make more noise than smaller ones, so you have a higher chance of finding a quiet generator for your needs in a portable form factor. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t really get a traditional standby generator for your home that also makes little noise. If what you are looking for is a backup power source for your entire home, you won’t find a quiet generator in your search for the best whole house generator.

Quiet generators mostly use inverter technology

If you look for a list of best quiet generators, it is likely that most of the models on that list are inverter generators. These types of generators use inverter technology, which puts out cleaner energy than regular generators but undergoes a power output process more complex as well. As you can already imagine, cleaner energy and more silence come with a price tag, meaning that these inverter generators tend to be more expensive than regular portable generators.

On the flipside, if you do decide to purchase one of these portable generators, you would be getting the best of both worlds: more energy efficiency in terms of both power output and fuel consumption, and a quiet machine that is capable of performing its functions without making more noise than an air conditioning unit 100 feet away from you.

Quiet generators aren’t made for big energy tasks

Limited by its inherent size and fuel tank capacity, a quiet generator is not really suited for big tasks like powering your entire house and appliances all at the same time. Remember they are portable, and that traditional standby generators are quite large and therefore much more capable. You can find portable generators that have about half the power output of a big generator, but they won’t be quiet whatsoever.

What this means is that, essentially, you need to make sure your portable inverter generator is only powering a few electronics at a time. Perhaps it can stand an entire RV with appliances and everything in a best case scenario, but nothing quite as large as a regular home with all its light fixtures and electronics. If you get an inverter generator, the energy you get will also be safer to use than that of a regular generator.

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