Keeping your wardrobe together: 4 things you need to take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes might not seem like a thing that is high on many people’s priority lists. There are more important things to consider in your daily life, like paying your bills, performing well in school or at your job, and just enjoying life in general. Nevertheless, your clothes are belongings that you use daily, and just like you worry about doing maintenance to your car, they deserve some attention as well to avoid excessive wear and tear. Failing to pay attention to your clothes may be detrimental to your own finances because you will end up spending more money more frequently on clothes that could easily last longer if you use any of the following 4 things. Let’s take a look.

Garment bags

The thing about garment bags is that, for most people, they may seem like a thing used exclusively by busy executives who only own expensive suits and go to the cleaners to have their laundry professionally done. This is not the case and you need to get that notion off your mind. Garment bags are great for anyone who owns not only casual dress shirts and dresses of all kinds, but also things like delicate blouses, blazers, and even common clothes like flannel shirts. Keeping any of these in a garment bag will ensure they last longer and look their best when you wear them.

Ironing board

Many people own an iron but never use it due to not having an ironing board. Yes, it takes up space when it isn’t folded, but it is necessary to have one so you can iron your clothes properly. Things like casual and formal shirts, pants, and blouses are made out of delicate fabric that forms wrinkles way too easily. Give ironing an opportunity with the best ironing board you can find and you will notice the difference in both how your clothes feel and obviously in how they look.


Nowadays, it’s not surprising to find people who literally live betweeen two piles of clothes: clean clothes and dirty clothes. Most of these people have closets, but don’t bother to use the storage space in there simply because they don’t own hangers. Well, hangers are a pretty common item that you can get in plastic, metal, or even wood like the ones they keep in stores at pretty much any big convenience store. Not only do they keep your clothes straightened out while hanging on your closet, they also help you keep everything more organized and sorted out.


So once you have transcended from keeping your clothes on the floor of your room, your bed, or your chair to actually using your closet and hanging your clothes in it, you may encounter some unexpected issues like humidity and moths. Mothballs, which take their name precisely from their intended function, are small balls of naphthalene or some other chemical components that absorb moisture while also repeling moths and their larvae. Keeping a small mesh bag of these balls in your closet is enough to keep humidity and insects that can ruin your clothes over time at bay.

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