What is the best electric fillet knife

When filleting fish, a regular fillet knife used to be the only tool for the job. Flexible, thin, and lightly curved, manual fillet knives are still used when the utmost precision is needed for a delicate filleting job. Nowadays though, manual fillet knives are being overtaken by a plethora of electric fillet knives that can do the filleting much faster.

An electric fillet knife uses a similar blade as a manual fillet knife. The blade is mounted onto a motorized handle that turns the blade into a small saw. Because it is powered by electricity, an electric fillet knife is easier to use for people that tire easily and means that more fish can be filleted than when using a manual knife. This is why they are often used in professional settings when speed is the key. Many home filleters also use them because of how easy they are to use. Electric fillet knives sometimes also use different blade attachments so you can choose the right one for specific types of fish to make filleting even easier. The different blades can also be used to cut other types of food like meat or vegetables. An electric fillet knife is a very versatile tool that will be useful in any kitchen.

There are many kinds of electric fillet knives, corded or cordless. A good electric fillet knife should be sturdy, with an ergonomic handle, possess some kind of a built-in safety feature to prevent injury, and have a long-running time if cordless.

Best electric fillet knives

Which one is the best electric knife available? There are many of them on the market today but here are two of our top picks:

Bubba Electric Fillet Knife (Cordless & 110V)

This knife from Bubba comes in two models. One needs to be plugged into a 110V socket to work and the other one is cordless. The cordless one is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery (two are included in the package) that are charged by using a power-charging cord. They are long-lasting enough to go through over a hundred small fish before having to be charged again. There are four different length blade attachments that can fillet fish of any size. It comes with a handy case that stores everything in a safe way.

Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Filleting Knife

This is a perfect electric knife for any amateur or professional angler. It is very lightweight, only around 1.5 pounds. It’s not cordless but the power cord it uses is very long to give you plenty of room to move around and be used even when far away from the power source. It does not have any additional attachments but the stainless blade it uses is extra-sharp and, in the opinion of many, good enough to cut through any fish. The blade is detachable for easy cleaning and storage.

There are plenty of other good knives for filleting but the best electric fillet knife is the one that suits your personal needs. If you are an avid filleter and regularly use manual knives, try an electric one next time to see how easy it is.

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